Lunch talks

LUNCH TALK: Goethe-Kultur-Zeitenwende: Ein ethnologisches Mittagsgespräch

Wednesday 26.7.23, 1p.m.
D Z001

Andrea Behrends, Universität Bayreuth
Carola Lentz, Goethe-Insitut und Universität Mainz
Michael Schönhuth, Universität Trier

With the president of the Goethe-Institut and former chair of GAA, Prof. Dr. Carola Lentz, Prof. Dr. Michael Schönhuth and Prof. Dr. Andrea Behrends take an anthropological look at the Goethe-Institut’s cultural policy, the institution’s approach to diversity and the particular challenges in the so-called “Zeitenwende” – in the balancing act between funding cuts and strategic reorientation. The three interviewees shed light on the special position of the Goethe-Institut against the background of their respective personal experiences with the institution.

Students' meeting

Wednesday 26.7.23, 1p.m.
D Z003

One point we would like to talk about is the foundation of a working group (AG) “Student Representation”. We would like to give you the opportunity to contribute your ideas, suggestions and concerns. In addition, the student assembly gives us the space to discuss important issues, make decisions and hear your concerns. All students are invited. As this is the first plenary meeting with a fixed place in the programme of the DGSKA conference, we are especially looking forward to your impulses and ideas. Your voice counts and we want to make sure that your interests are represented. Whether you are already an active member of the DGSKA or just want to share your opinion, we look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

PhD and PostDoc meeting

Wednesday 26.7.23, 1p.m.
M 203

PhD and PostDoc meeting

During this lunch break we will have the opportunity to meet and discuss in the context of the conference. This is intended to be more of a forum than a formal event, but two themes are already emerging:

Autumn academy: In October 2020, DGSKA organised an autumn academy for doctoral students to address problems of research and project work in the pandemic. The three-day online academy was exceptionally well attended and very productive. Guest lectures, inputs and lively discussions resulted in a separate boasblog (“Fieldwork meets Crisis”) and a special section of the Journal for Social and Cultural Anthropology (JSCA 2022 (147)). We would have liked to make the Autumn Academy a tradition, but after the pandemic, which engulfed everyone equally, neither a similarly comprehensive topic nor enough volunteer organisers could be found for a continuation. Nevertheless, we would like to put the possibility of an Autumn Academy up for discussion once again and ask for topics and interested parties. In keeping with the conference theme and current discussions in and around our discipline, the question of “anthropology and the public” could be raised once again.

AG wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter*innen: The committed and ongoing discussion about the German Act on Temporary Academic Contracts also raises the question for the DGSKA of how well the predominantly temporary mid-level staff and their concerns are represented and taken into account in the professional society. In order to make the mid-level staff visible in our discipline and to establish a network, the founding of a working group would be a substantial step. Some colleagues have already expressed their interest in this point. However, since a possible team of speakers has not yet been found, this is an opportunity to suggest and prepare the founding of a working group on mid-level staff at the follow-up conference.

LUNCH TALK: GRF funding options

Thursday 27.7.23, 1p.m.
D Z003

Corinne Flacke, German Research Foundation

Dr. Corinne Flacke is programme director at the German Research Foundation and responsible for Social and Cultural Anthropology. At this event, she will give a brief overview of the GRF as an institution of scientific self-government and its various funding programmes for research projects. This lunch talk also offers all interested parties the space and opportunity to discuss general questions about GRF funding programmes, proposal eligibility or even the GRF’s committees and structure with Corinne Flacke.

LUNCH TALK: The bfe presents itself

Thursday 27.7.23, 1p.m.
C 005

Dr. Anette Rein (1st chairperson of the bfe) and Prof. Dr. Michael Schönhuth (2nd chairperson of the bfe) invite to an exchange on ethnological practices and offers of the Bundesverband für Ethnolog*innen e. V. . We look forward to your questions.

LUNCH Roundtable: Anthropological Journals

Thursday 27.7.23, 1p.m.
C 002

Gabriele Alex, Universität Tübingen
Bettina Beer, Universität Luzern
Henry Kammler, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Alexis von Poser, Ethnologisches Museum, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, SPK

At the lunch roundtable, the editors will present the focus and working methods of the journals Sociologus (Journal for Social Anthropology) and Zeitschrift für Ethnologie (Journal of Social and Cultural Anthropology). There will also be information and tips for authors and plenty of time for questions about the path to a published article.